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what is VDOT?

VDOT is a measure of running ability and is calculated from a race performance based on Jack Daniels Running Formula.

The number reflects the V̇O2max of a runner with average Running Economy.

It is possible for a runner's actual V̇O2max to vary from the VDOT measure; two runners could have the same VDOT and one runner could have a higher V̇O2max with a poorer Running Economy, the other lower V̇O2max with a better Running Economy.

For most purposes, VDOT is more useful than V̇O2max as it reflects actual running performance rather than a laboratory measure.

Running Track


custom plans

Custom Training plans are individualized schedules designed based on your best times or current fitness level.

These plans are tailored specifically for you, designed to help you reach your goals and stay healthy.

  • Workouts customized to your running background

  • Individualized training paces for every workout

  • Updated paces to help you keep improving

  • Manage your training on the VDOT O2 mobile app

  • Links amazingly with Garmin watches

Running Track



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