Pitching up and just hitting the ball works for some - but the hard work happens off the course.

Having the right routine and the right warm up and maintaining this will allow for a injury free swing as well as a well oiled body for those cold days coming up.

Finding what works for you isn't easy - but simple exercises such as lower back mobility stretches and dynamic warm ups will make the world of difference to your overall game and routine.

Try some of these exercises for lower back mobility and movement.

Remember this wont work for everyone and if you are experiencing any pain or discomfort - consult a Sports Physician and a medical team, i.e. physiotherapist, chiropractor, biokineticist and a sport scientist.

Exercise 1:

Lower back rotations - lie on the side and bend your knees to your chest.

Take the bottom hand and pull the knee to the floor and then rotate your trunk and touch the floor. Continue this for 15 repetitions and repeat 3 more times.

Exercise 2:

On your hands and knees - arch your back up and then dip it down - allowing your spine to move segment by segment through this range of motion. Allowing the back to move freely.

Exercise 3

Stand on one leg and take a medicine ball. Rotate over the leg as if to take a swing and allow the momentum to activate the glutes and quads that are essential in a golf swing - especially the back swing.

Enjoy and chat soon....

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