How long is long enough ....time under tension - the magic behind this type of training...

I’m going to talk about a few variables that we as practitioners don’t add in to our programs and something our patients need. It will be a talk on 13 mechanism biological descriptors - what is this?? Keep patient and follow this for the next few weeks. If your unsure - email us or visit us at 340 on main road Bryanston. 

I recently had a patient come in with patella femoral pain. No running for 4 years and afraid of moving and causing pain and discomfort in what ever movement she would do. 

This got me thinking of the topic of time under tension and how well do we really use our principles of types of muscle load - that being Concentric, eccentric and isometrics in particular. 

These principles are simple on their own but when combined they are a lethal combination. 

Rehab principles allow us to design the most scientific program for you, factoring into the need for either a concentric movement, an eccentric movement, an isometric movmement or a balance between 1, 2 or 3 of these in one simple exercise. 

Guiding the patient is the most important factor here. If they don’t know how to use their body and are not taught the knowledge of this simple concept, how do we expect them to know what to do with it. 

These time under tension training variables can be the significant change to either a patient having pain or experiencing no pain for the first time in 4 years. Listen to your patients history, understand there program and desing the program with the one variable that makes sense - Science. 

Try a lunge for 10 secs count going down, 5 secs hold and 5 secs up -   Why would one do this? Why would someone be so silly to hold an exercise for that long. Come in and we can show you why, when, how, what and who needs all of these types of training. or Facebook message us at 340 on main health and wellness centre. Alternatively give us a call and book an appointment for us to help

You getting back on track. 

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