Primal Movements - Key to managing your body


7 Primal Movements

  1. Push

  2. Pull

  3. Lunge

  4. Squat

  5. Rotate

  6. Bend

  7. Run

These movements are crucial for our day to day activities.

Think of when you wake up in the morning.

You get out of bed by rotating.

You get off the bed and finish the last bit of a squat.

You walk forward to get dressed.

You pull the cupboard door open to get to your clothes.

You push the cupboard door closed when you have all that you need.

You squat down again to put your socks and shoes one.

You lunge down to tie your shoe laces.

So by the time the day has even started you have completed all of these simple movements.

Why write an article on something so simple.


Without mastering these simple and easy movements, we put our bodies at risk when we progress to running, cycling, swimming, rugby, squash, golf, hockey etc etc etc.

Training these muscles can be as simple as doing a simple workout circuit such as:

  1. Lunges

  2. Squats

  3. Push ups

  4. Pull ups on a door or a stick between 2 chairs

  5. Russian Twists on the floor

  6. Back extensions on the floor

  7. Running on the spot for 30 secs

Or In a structured exercise plan catering to your needs for your sport.

Adding a balance of these exercises will allow for safe movement in your sport as well as allow you to be stronger and decrease the risk of pain associated to sitting more in our current pandemic.

There are many ways to skin a cat, but find a routine that works for you and adjust the reps, sets, tempo and frequency of such routine to progress in strength and endurance gains.

Don't forget everything in moderation.

Don't do too much push ups and squats and sit all day and neglect doing the lunges and the pull exercises.

Here are some easy exercises for you to try and assist with these basic movements

*Remember consult a qualified representative to assist in a scientifically designed program catered for you personally.

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