The Sensbalance MiniBoard combines the interactive training software and exercise games with the well-known benefits of a conventional wobble board. This results in an innovative and very effective new product in the range of interactive balance products of Sensamove.


Wearable movement analysis solution

PodoSmart is a solution for healthcare professionals to improve the clinical assessment of patients with different mobility disorders. Composed of 6 pairs of insoles connected to a mobile application, PodoSmart allows for objectively measuring the walking and running of your patients, in real-world conditions, ANYWHERE!!

EMG NEurotrac

EMG Biofeedback therapy techniques throughout the world are increasingly being used for neuromuscular re-education and rehabilitation. Using EMG, both health professionals and patients themselves can evaluate various maladies.

EMG Biofeedback is currently being successfully used to treat a growing number of conditions. The high efficacy levels of treatment using EMG Biofeedback is due to the active participation of the patient. Patients are empowered by being able to control and facilitate their own ongoing progress throughout the therapy process. The instant feedback shown on a display screen further encourages and motivates the patient to continue the therapy sessions.

smart jump

Use Smartjump for any jumping activities – single jump, multiple jump, or timed protocols such as the Bosco tests are all at your fingertips.

Smartjump is the ultimate Smartspeed accessory ideal for professional teams and academies, elite training centers, institutes, university research departments, professional combines and talent identification programs. Smartjump’s unique real-time feedback mode will change the way you train.


Welcome to SMARTSPEED PT. The system has been designed to offer simple yet accurate single lane timing.

Be it straight line running or agility testing, this device will add value in terms of measurement of how fast you are and then work at getting quicker, agile and lighter on your feet